Viridis.iQ GmbH is an independent engineering consulting firm with a neutral perspective with a focus on Silicon and Photovoltaic Manufacturing

  • established team of market and technology experts along the complete photovoltaic (PV) value chain from metallurgical silicon to complete PV systems as well as thin film technologies
  • Process engineering and design, equipment and technology selection, operational costs modelling
  • Eye level technical support with technology providers bringing operational knowhow to project owners
  • deep insight into manufacturing solutions for each stage of the PV and Silicon value chain
  • highly oriented toward know-how transfer on process and equipment
  • tailored market intelligence for customer specific strategy & business development
  • holistic view based on technology, economics, financial, resources, operations and environment
  • unbiased and objective assessment

Viridis.iQ specialties:

  • unique expertise in the fields from metallurgical silicon to complete PV systems
  • production experience in various parts of PV and semiconductor sectors
  • broad access to emerging markets
  • global team with immense international experience

Viridis.iQ provides independent engineering consulting and analysis of the global Silicon and PV market from a manufacturing and technology perspective for private companies, investors, industry associations and governmental institutions in the metallurgical silicon and PV industry.