Viridis.iQ has expertise on the full photovoltaic (PV) value chain in both integrated and non integrated platforms. Our experience from the PV equipment market and materials production sectors provides deep insight into market development and future trends, as well as a significant understanding of the technology requirements.


Key assets:

  • Strategic: roadmapping, critical path analysis, market entry, competitive advantage and process intelligence, value-oriented business management.
  • Technical: process flows, mass balance, material specifications, equipment, technology, layouts, benchmarking analysis and value stream mapping.
  • Market: risks and opportunities, player analysis, consolidation effects and tier dynamics.
  • Academy: Lean Six Sigma and technical trainings, education, know-how transfer, games and dynamics applied for business.
  • Financial: project evaluation, scenario-driven multi-layer sensitivity analysis, ROI, IRR, business planning, CoO, TCO and other economic modeling.
  • Logistics/ trade: import/export, trade, supply chain analysis, cost simulations and suppliers evaluation.
  • Environmental: waste streams, treatment/ handling, recycling options, local laws and regulation analysis.
  • Human resources: skills, labor requirements, organizational structure and O&M evaluation.